Science Club

Well done to you all for coming so far this school year. It’s been interesting, fun, and adventurous with lots of cooking over Halloween & Bonfire night. Not forgetting some great Christmas present-making on Tuesday 6th December. Here are the chosen winners:Goda, Alexa & BillyWe also saw some creative slime-making by Lilymae Allott, Goda, Amelya […]

Science/Steam Club Update

Science Club this week went down to Food technology to make Halloween toffee apples, ghost biscuits, and carve some small pumpkins out with the help and support of Viv Gritton all went well and the pupils had a great time. They are looking forward to doing a Bonfire night edition next week.


SCIENCE/STEAM CLUB RETURNS FOR 2022/2023 – TUESDAYS AFTER SCHOOL IN Sc1 3:10-4pm. Biology practicals – DNA/food tests, growing and testing plants for starch, making & understanding cells using sweets Chemistry practicals– Screaming Jelly Baby, Making indicators, Polymer making, Making Oobleck, Super Heroes investigations Physics practicals – Making volcano’s, Van der Graaff, BOTTLE ROCKETS All years […]

Science/Steam Club

Thanks to all the pupils that have attended Science/Steam club here at Thrybergh Academy this year it has been good to see you all taking part in the various experiments learning new things and working as individuals and as a team. We have only a few weeks left but look forward to seeing you again next year after […]

Science Club 🧪

Science Club Timetable Week Date Activities 40 5/7/2022 Water density practical, Easy capillary experiment, Invisible ink with lemon juice 41 12/7/2022 Strawberry laces forces experiment, popping candy expt, melting marshmallows 41 19/7/2022 End of year fun & celebrations


The first STEAM Club of the new school year has been a huge success.