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“We aim to send all young people into an ever-changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it.”


Welcome to Thrybergh Academy Careers Advice and Support.

The Careers Office is located on the first floor. Through the Careers Office, we can offer you a range of opportunities to plan and research your future study/employment options. Please drop by at any time if you need any support or guidance, or alternatively contact us by email using the details below.

Mrs Jill Leaning

Post-16 Careers & Guidance Adviser

Mrs T Wootton

Associate Assistant Headteacher – Personal Development and Careers

Mrs H Nickson

Careers Coordinator

We have designed a careers curriculum that values the development of the ‘able’ as much as it does ‘qualified’. We believe that both are equally important to our students in order for them to be equipped to play their full part in the world. As a Trust, we want to develop a range of attributes, skills, and behaviours that can be encouraged in the early stages of a child’s life that will leave them in the best possible position as they begin their transitions to secondary education and to future life. We believe the careers curriculum should be tailored to the school’s local context by addressing typical gaps in students’ knowledge and skills. ‘Career’ describes our journey through life, learning and work. We need to actively develop our careers to make the best of them. This process of career development takes skill as well as knowledge and the right attitude. Individuals need to work on their career development skills throughout their lives. A ‘positive career’ will mean something different to everyone, but it will typically include being happy with the way we spend our time, being able to make a contribution to our community and being able to have a decent standard of living.

Our careers curriculum ensures all students have the opportunity to explore the following learning areas as set out by the CDI: 

• Grow throughout life – by learning and reflecting on yourself, your background and your
• Explore possibilities – explore the full range of possibilities open to you and learn about
recruitment processes and the culture of different workplaces
• Manage career – manage your career actively, make the most of opportunities and learn
from setbacks
• Create opportunities – create opportunities by being proactive and building positive
relationships with others
• Balance life and work – balance your life as a worker and/or entrepreneur with your
wellbeing other interests and involvement with your family and community
• See the big picture – by paying attention to how the economy, politics and society connect
with your own life and careers

Careers in the Curriculum

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January 2024

For the month of February, we explored the different careers in MFL. Click HERE to see a round up of what we looked at.

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February 2024


Latest Careers News

Careers Information

Strategic Goals

How the school measures and assesses the impact of the careers programme on pupils

  • Activity is evaluated by students on an individual basis.
  • Overall provision and ideas for improvement are tabled and discussed as agenda items at Student Council.
  • Provision is assessed against the national Gatsby Benchmarks and areas for development are identified.
  • Careers and employability provision is also informed through annual individual student surveys asking respondents to identify areas of interest and support needed – this information is then used to support individuals and plan provisions such as trips to specific places of learning or employment.
  • Provision is also informed through the sharing of good practice through local careers network meetings, the enterprise adviser network that the school is a part of and the professional development of the Careers Leader.
Total number of School leaversTotal Full Time EducationSchool Sixth FormSixth Form CollegeFurther EducationApprenticeshipsFull Time TrainingEmployment without TrainingCurrent Activity not EstablishedNEETS
All Leavers July 202181N/A244547001
All Leavers July 2022103N/A4046011303

Our Careers information will next be reviewed in September 2024.

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