Autumn Term – Wellbeing and Safety
The importance of self-care and healthy lifestyles, including sleep. The influence of our words on others, cyberbullying, and where to report concerns. Expectations of behaviour on and offline, including the law. Who to talk to and where to go if you are scared/worried.

Spring Term – Growing up (Puberty and Relationships)
Healthy routines, influences on health, what constitutes unwanted contact, and FGM. Emotional and physical changes in puberty, period products, sexual attraction, and identifying pressure in relationships.

Summer Term – Substance Misuse and the Law
The physical and psychological risks associated with; alcohol, smoking, e-cigarettes, solvent abuse, and cannabis. Peer pressure scenarios and the law relating to these. British Values and how the police and courts operate.

Drop Down Days
Fire Service – (Arson and Hoax calls),

Careers day


Autumn Term – Emotional Wellbeing
Exploring self-esteem and influences, both on and offline. Perceptions of body image and strategies for self-care. How to manage conflict with peers and at home.

Spring Term – Citizenship and Law
Exploring different forms of discrimination and hate crime. The workings of democracy in the UK and abroad. Extremism and radicalisation. Substance misuse, gang exploitation, and assertiveness

Summer Term – Relationships and Sexual Health
The characteristics of healthy relationships, about consent in a variety of scenarios. Conception and contraception. The concept of, and the law relating to sexual exploitation, grooming, and pornography. Assertiveness in relationships

Drop Down Days
Crime and punishment day – Mock trial

Setting goals – Career options and goal setting


Autumn Term – Substance Misuse and Society
Healthy and unhealthy friendships, assertiveness, alcohol education, substance misuse (Illegal drugs including new psychoactive substances). Debates over the criminalisation of drug use.

Spring Term – Relationships and Sexual Health
About sexual harassment and coersive relationships. Sex education including consent, contraception, the risks of STIs, and choices in unintended pregnancy. Communication skills.

Summer Term – Mental Health and Wellbeing
The influence the online world has on our wellbeing. Routines for health and their impact long term. Dealing with change. Common types of mental ill-health and how to access support.

Drop Down Days
First Aid

Equality & diversity day


Addressing Extremism and Radicalisation
Communities, belonging, and challenging extremism.

Child Criminal Exploitation
How to spot the signs of gang exploitation and reporting process.

Online Safety
How information and data is generated, collected, shared, and used online.

Healthy Relationships
Exploring characteristics of positive and healthy relationships (including non-sexual relationships.

Law in Relationships
Some types of behaviour within relationships are criminal (domestic violence/coercion) Sexual Harassment.

Mental Health 1
Mental health and ill health, stigma, safeguarding health, including during periods of transition or change.

Mental Health 2
Common types of mental ill-health and how to access support. Exploring barriers to this.

Personal Finance
Managing a budget and the influence finances have on mental health. How public money is raised and spent.

Drop Down days
South Yorkshire Police – guns and knives

Teenage cancer trust.


Different families and parental responsibilities, pregnancy, marriage, and forced marriage and changing relationships, conflict in families

Party/Festival Safety
Identifying and managing sexual pressure, resisting pressure, and not pressuring others. How the use of alcohol and drugs can lead to risky behaviour.

Expectations in relationships
Sex expectations, myths, pleasure, and challenges, including the impact of the media and pornography

Health; Cancers
Trends and prevalence, self-examination, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, how to access health and support.

Health; Review
Consolidating knowledge from all 5 years of PSHE. Ensuring students are empowered in making future health decisions.

Personal Finance
Gambling and gaming debt. how advertising and information is targeted at them and how to be a positive consumer of information online.

Drop Down Days
Careers Day

Wellbeing prep for exams


*All students will also take part in ‘Money Matters’ week towards the end of the financial year. Topics that are underlined are defined as being sex education. Parents/carers have the right to withdraw their child from sex education, as outlined in our Relationships and Sex Education policy. Please contact the Head of PSHE for more information.