We are very proud of our academy and we expect students to take pride in their appearance. All students at Thrybergh Academy must wear the uniform which is purple, black and white.  The items are as follows:

School Uniform

  • Clip on tie
  • White shirt
  • Black V-neck jumper or cardigan with school logo
  • Black trousers or knee-length skirt
  • Footwear must be plain black leather/synthetic leather with no stripes or logos

PE Uniform

  • Thrybergh polo shirt/t-shirt
  • 1/4 zip top (optional)
  • Black socks
  • Black shorts or tracksuit bottoms
  • Sports trainers
  • Jewellery must never be worn during games or PE lessons
  • Hair should be tied back
  • Football boots are recommended


Other Equipment

In addition to the uniform students are expected to have the following items with them each day:

  • As a minimum, all students must bring with them 2 x pens, 1 x pencil, 1 x rubber and 1 x ruler in a pencil case
  • Suitable bag to transport books, folders and PE kit to and from school

Hair and Make-up

Make-up should be discreet and minimal with no false eyelashes or false fingernails.

Extreme haircuts are not allowed. It is the school’s discretion as to what constitutes ‘extreme’ but usually involves shaven heads, multi-coloured or unusually coloured hair.


Jewellery must be kept to a minimum; no more than one small earring, sleeper or stud in each ear. No other facial and body piercings are allowed on the school site.

Regulations backed by the LEA and DfE state that all jewellery, including ear studs, MUST be removed for PE lessons.

Uniform Suppliers

Johnny D Schoolwear Howard Street, Rotherham

Pinders Schoolwear College Street (Bus Station), Rotherham

At a time when a lot of families are tightening their belts, we’re aware that many could benefit from a little extra support when it comes to buying school uniforms and other essentials – such as coats and PE kits – that children need for school. That’s why we’ve created a Trust-wide Uniform Bank of good quality, new and used items – providing a sustainable way to recycle and repurpose school uniforms.

For more information and to request uniform from the Uniform Bank, visit the WPT website: