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The Return of Thrybergh Science Club!

This week, Science Club returned after the half term! The students took part in three different science experiments, using different subject knowledge from Chemistry and Biology that they have covered in lessons. 
These were:
– Making a lung model using a plastic bottle, some sellotape, straws and rubber to assemble a model of the lung.
– A density tower using various home liquids such as water, oil, milk and honey then testing different materials density.
– Carbon Sugar Snake using sodium carbonate, sugar and sand, then mixing in a metal tray and added safely and carefully to ethanol.
The students were really good at listening to instructions and worked safely when lighting the ethanol soaked sand to see the reaction happen, they wore safety glasses at a safe distance as the carbon snake was produced.
Well done to all the students who keep coming along to investigate science through different experiments!
Information on Science Club activities, competition winners and the links to other departments can be found on the students Science Club Google Classroom, which all students who attend can access once they have accepted the invite, on the science corridor and on our social media page.
See you all next week for more fun experiments!
Thrybergh Logo - White - 2021
Thrybergh Logo - White - 2021

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