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“We aim to send all young people into an ever-changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it.”

Science Club – Investigating Polymers

Science Club last Tuesday was all about polymers and how they work and which everyday products you can find them in e.g. nappies, hair gel. The students followed instructions with guidance on how polymers are used to help make the products that we use in everyday life. We tested nappies to see how the polymers […]

Science Club Bath Bombs

At last week’s Science club the students were given the challenge of making their own bath bombs and some to help towards the Christmas raffle for Miss Wootton. They really enjoyed the challenge and doing two different methods produced some good bath bombs for themselves and the raffle. The challenge was to use one method to […]

Spooky Science Club

Science Club this week ventured down to work in Food Technology with Mr Haigh’s superb assistance to do various activities based around Halloween.  We made Halloween Toffee Apples, Slime buns, Easy Melted Ghosts and pumpkin carving which the pupils really got involved with making and following the recipes. They learnt with guidance from Mr Haigh how to make the […]

Science Club 🧪

Science Club Timetable Week Date Activities 40 5/7/2022 Water density practical, Easy capillary experiment, Invisible ink with lemon juice 41 12/7/2022 Strawberry laces forces experiment, popping candy expt, melting marshmallows 41 19/7/2022 End of year fun & celebrations

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