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Science Club – Investigating Polymers

Science Club last Tuesday was all about polymers and how they work and which everyday products you can find them in e.g. nappies, hair gel. The students followed instructions with guidance on how polymers are used to help make the products that we use in everyday life.

We tested nappies to see how the polymers in them help contain the baby’s urine in the product, how polymers help hair gel when using in our hair products and explained how polymers work when making slime and connecting products.

This week we are again venturing down to Food Technology to make pancakes with Mr Haigh after school and the skills the students have learnt from both Science & Food Technology are needed to do this.

Praise postcards will be sent out and put up on the Science Corridor also for all the top workers. Names are also added to the Science Star of the Week and positive comments to go out for the relevant students.

See you all this week!

Thrybergh Logo - White - 2021
Thrybergh Logo - White - 2021

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