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Science Club 🧪

Science Club Timetable

44/10/21National Space Week – making Planets
511/10/21National Space week – paint planets, do display work about planets
618/10/21Planets pt3 – Go onto field and show distances planets are away from each other, take pictures to show this.
  Celebration of first half term including certificates, mini party and fun practicals-Making oobleck
71/11/21Bonfire Night Theme – Flame tests/Rainbow Fizz
88/11/21Chemistry week – Making Bath Bombs
915/11/21Physics Competition – project Parachute & effects forces have on them using booklet
1022/11/21Planning and testing bottle rockets using vinegar & bicarbonate investigation reading for Bottle Rocket cars competition
1129/11/21Competition – Planning & Building Bottle rocket cars in D7T using theory from last 2 weeks
126/12/21Competition- Finish building & painting bottle rocket cars from last week ready to test
1313/12/21Christmas Fun including testing Bottle Rocket cars, Santa Sleigh, Christmas Mix Up, Making Snowflakes. Prizes hand out
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