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Science Club Bath Bombs

At last week’s Science club the students were given the challenge of making their own bath bombs and some to help towards the Christmas raffle for Miss Wootton.
They really enjoyed the challenge and doing two different methods produced some good bath bombs for themselves and the raffle. The challenge was to use one method to create some smaller bath bombs and then they could make their own larger bath bombs using the second method. Using their scientific knowledge and overcoming various challenges of trying to avoid adding too much liquid to the various methods so the bath bombs didn’t start reacting before they had finished making them.
All students managed to make some and had a really good time undertaking the scientific challenges. 
This week’s challenge is to make a science Christmas Garden using Oobleck as a base in some baking foil trays then adding their own Christmas theme to them.
If any students have anything they want to bring in before from home to add to them they are more than welcome to and leave with Mr Atkins or their Science teachers.
All information can be found on the Science club google classroom that they have been invited to.
Good look everyone & well done. See you this week in Sc1!
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Thrybergh Logo - White - 2021

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