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CSI Returns to Science Club ūüö®

This week at Science Club, we challenged students to use the skills they have used previously gained on CSI Forensic Science investigations from two weeks ago, to investigate a possible murder scenario.

The students were provided with CSI Crime Scene protective clothing being white overalls, safety goggles, gloves and face masks as they wanted to prepare for their investigations as close to the real thing. They wore the protective equipment to ensure there was no contamination of evidence whilst they were testing. They investigated the crime scenes to draw a conclusion so they could help the police determine the crime.

To do this, they needed to use their observational skills to match the suspects footprints with some known ones from seven possible people. They then used their experimental skills to test for blood analysis, toxicology (drug analysis) and the chromatography skills for which pen was used.

Finally, they put all their observations together to come up with a decision on who the suspect was from the possible seven.

Amazing efforts by all and this leads us into the final few weeks of doing Easter fun before we break up for the Easter Holidays.

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Thrybergh Logo - White - 2021

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