Climbing to new heights

Our students have the opportunity to attend a weekly climbing session at the trust’s Cranworth site.¬†They have been working on their climbing¬†skills since the start of the year such as putting on and adjusting their own harnesses, tying climbing knots and learning how to belay one another safely.¬†They have amazed us with their climbing abilities […]

Science at Arran Hill

At the Arran Hill Centre, students have had the opportunity to take part in hands-on, practical science investigations and activities. Y8 students have been studying breathing and respiration and have used their knowledge of the respiratory system to create model lungs. They also used their working scientifically skills to investigate how yeast respires and what […]

Learning New Skills at Arran Hill Centre

At the Arran Hill Centre, the children have been taking part in a range of interventions where they have been learning new skills which include: how to cook independently, box through talk (body conditioning), music lessons, active revision for students and creating/designing projects in DT. All students have worked extremely hard and continue to make […]