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Project Parachute ūü™ā

In Science Club this week, students were tasked with making and testing parachutes, understanding how forces affect a parachute and safely landing their parachute. Well done to everyone who made it to the Science Club activity, the parachutes were all really good and we got some great results.

Congratulations to the following groups in order of the slowest speed to reach the grass from the roof when testing:

  1. Leanna – 3.05s
  2. Harley/Jamillia – 2.04s
  3. Lola – 1s
  4. Star & Kayleigh – 0.39s

However top marks and bonus points go to the following groups who had a good design so the pilot (egg) didn’t break on impact with the surface:

  1. Leanna
  2. Harley/ Jamillia
  3. Lola

Well done to everyone on understanding the task and designing parachutes that were safe enough for your pilot not to fall out or break on impact, along with the need for the parachute to fall as slowly as possible by considering various forces like gravity and air resistance.

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Thrybergh Logo - White - 2021

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