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Science Club CSI Verison 🚨🔍

This week, Science Club investigated some ways that CSI works using their scientific knowledge and skills to work out a forensic Scenario. 
They used their various skills to test for the following areas using a timeline of events and background to the suspects. Students completed the following practical tasks to work out who it was that had committed the crime:
  1. Fingerprint analysis was made fingerprints to match up the unknown fingerprint to the suspect
  2. Blood analysis where they had samples of the unknown to match to the suspects through chemical tests to match up
  3. Shoeprint analysis was made various shoe prints to match up the unknown shoeprint to the suspect
  4. Chromatography test to see if they could work out who had written the note left
  5. Toxicology (Drug Analysis) where there were various suspect samples the pupils had to test to match up with the found Syrup of Ipecac that was found in the victim’s blood
They all did well and followed the instructions along with learning how these areas are used in the real world to complete the tasks and find solutions.
Thrybergh Logo - White - 2021
Thrybergh Logo - White - 2021

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