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Science Club Solar Systems ūü™ź

Science Club this week decided to slightly alter their plan of action due to it being the last one before the school holiday break and chose to venture down to another department in school to look at the planets in the Solar System.

We continue to improve our skills that we have been learning about from previous Science Clubs with activities being as a team and individuals racing against time to complete task of making Solar System Buns for themselves and staff:

  1. How to follow a method/cooking instructions
  2. Timing of when to do things
  3. The ability to communicate well together to complete the various tasks
  4. Safe use of electrical equipment
  5. Measuring safely the amounts of ingredients needed
  6. Clean away and tidy the equipment they had used ready for the next day


We did this by visiting Food Technology and with the brilliant assistance of Mr Haigh, the Food Technology Teacher, the students of varying abilities produced some really good Solar System Buns which they took home and gave out to staff whilst learning about the different planets.

The students had a great time and everyone worked really well and safely in another department to produce their own Solar System buns by decorating with coloured icing to look like the planets from the pictures.

See you again after the holidays!

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Thrybergh Logo - White - 2021

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