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Science Club tackle new experiments!

In Science Club this week, we investigated how to extract DNA from a Kiwi fruit and banana. We followed the practical instruction sheet and crushed the fruits into a liquid form then reacted them with washing up liquid. Once filtered, the sample was reacted with ethanol to allow the students to see various white strands of DNA produced.

The next challenge was to make various flavours of ice cream by reacting ice and salt in one big zip plastic bag and milkshake in another. As the ice is melted by the salt in one bag it forces a reaction, the milkshake in the other zip bag cools forming ice cream which they can take out of the bag and put into a cup to eat. The students then had the choice to put various fruit into the cups and add extra toppings.

The students all enjoyed it and made lots of DNA and ice cream. Below are pictures showing what they all achieved and we had a healthy eating week by request of the group consisting of strawberries, grapes, kiwis, grapefruit & melon to eat.

This week’s challenge winners were Arron and Lola, well done!

See you all next week for more fun.

Thrybergh Logo - White - 2021
Thrybergh Logo - White - 2021

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