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Science Club Returns!

Science Club returned last week as the students came back to school after the Christmas break. The students were to test their skills by following instructions which is a key skill in Science when doing practicals.

They had to make their own indicator from some red cabbage which they added to some hot water and then crushed to form a red liquid which was then filtered ready to use as an indicator. They used their homemade indicator to compare the pH results to an already prepared bought in Science indicator, by testing various household chemicals in test tubes to see what colour it produced. If it was acidic the colour ranged from red to orange to green and if it was alkalis it was between darker green, blue or purple. The photos attached showed some of their amazing results.

The new Science Club schedule has now been put together and shared on both social media and in the Science Club Google Classroom that any students coming along will be added to.

See you all on Tuesday for more investigations making ice cream and making your own DNA.

Thrybergh Logo - White - 2021
Thrybergh Logo - White - 2021

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