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A Christmas Science Club

With the Christmas break coming up, Science Club had their annual Christmas Party and fun day on Tuesday 19th December 2023 after school.

There was lots going on with a variety of Science practical for the first 30-40 minutes which included Candy Sticks investigation where the students put small candy canes into various beakers of water (cold, warm and hot) to investigate what happened and why. We then did the STEM experiment where they put popping candy in three different types of liquid (water, oil and vinegar) to investigate which had the best reactions by listening to the candy POP. The final two practicals were to make slime in a foil tray and playdough from the ingredients and instructions provided.

Once everyone had completed these tasks together they were able to collect some Christmas food (thanks to Mr Haigh in Technology for helping us out here) and drinks that were provided and start making their own Christmas presents that they were able to take home with them to family and friends.

The final task whilst they were making their presents was to give out the Christmas prizes for the competitions we had run over the first term. My helpful assistants, Kian & Kye, read the winners from the projected list on the board and they were able to come across and choose a wrapped prize to take with them.

We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we’ll be back in the new term. The New Year Program will be put together and put on the Science Club Google Classroom and notice boards in the New Year. All experiments are on Google Classroom where the majority can be done at home if you have the ingredients available.

Merry Christmas

This year’s winners so far:

19/9/23Elephant’s toothpasteHarley /Kayleigh
26/9/23Super HeroesErin /Reece
10/10/23RocketsErin /Kayleigh
17/10/23Lava LampsN/A
7/11/23Bonfire Night themeNiamh/Lilymae
14/11/23Celery/Dancing Raisin/Flying Tea bagsN/A
21/11/23OOBLECK challengeLilymae/Callie
28/11/23Dissecting Hearts/RatsN/A
5/12/23Bath Bombs challengeAaron/Lola/Shanae/Robyn
12/12/23Making a Science gardenShanae/Harley/Lola
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