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Science Club Update

Science Club over the last couple of weeks have been doing various different types of investigating with various experiments after school on a Tuesday evening with different students coming along to see what is happening.

On Tuesday 14/11/23 we did various investigations covering dancing raisins, capillary action with celery, flying tea bags and investigating heat experiments.

On Tuesday 21/11/23 we investigated the effect of the amount of different ingredients added to make Oobleck and how strong or weak it was depending on the amount of water, food colouring & cornstarch added. It went well even if it was messy. The students had lots of fun.

We are running on varying dates competitions where the students can receive a prize for their best efforts at each task. The prizes are going to be given out on the science club before Christmas and we also have super postcards to praise students each week for their efforts which can be seen by the students on the Science Club praise noticeboard.

Here is a list of participant winners so far but the students can check this on the Science Club Google Classroom they have been invited to which has the plan up to Christmas so far, all the activities methods as some can be done at home and the competition winners:


19/9/23Elephant’s toothpasteHarley /Kayleigh
26/9/23Super HeroesErin /Reece
10/10/23RocketsErin /Kayleigh
17/10/23Lava LampsN/A
7/11/23Bonfire Night themeNiamh/Lilymae
14/11/23Celery/Dancing Raisin/Flying Tea bagsN/A
21/11/23OOBLECK challengeLilymae/Callie
28/11/23Dissecting Hearts/RatsN/A
5/12/23BATH BOMBS challenge 
12/12/23making a science garden 
19/12/23Christmas competitions/fun-prizes give out
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