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Restart a Heart ❤

Next week The Yorkshire Ambulance Service will be visiting our school to deliver face-to-face CPR training.

The Restart a Heart campaign aims to improve cardiac arrest survival rates. Developed in 2013 by the European Resuscitation Council to encourage others to teach members of the public how to help restart the heart of someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest and become potential life-savers.

Along with a presentation video, there will be hands-on training from key staff in the vital skill of CPR.

  • A cardiac arrest patient’s chance of survival dramatically increases if CPR can begin before the ambulance service arrives on the scene.
  • Chances of survival drop 10% a minute if CPR is not started when someone has had a cardiac arrest.
  • Less than one in 10 people in the UK survive a cardiac arrest but thousands of more lives could be saved if witnesses start CPR immediately. YOU can make a difference by learning life-saving CPR.


Learn CPR – Save a life! ❤

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Birds of Prey Display Reward

On Thursday 8th February, students with the best behaviour and attendance from the January half-term were given the opportunity to spend an hour with 5

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