Modern Foreign Languages Faculty


Bonjour and buenos días! Welcome to the MFL Faculty. Here at Thrybergh we have recently introduced French as our main language with Year 9, and very shortly Year 8, also having the opportunity to learn Spanish. French and Spanish are key languages not just within Europe but also throughout the world, with French being spoken in every continent in the world and Spanish being the first language of 21 countries. Learning these languages can open the door to so many exciting experiences and careers opportunities.

We believe that through learning another language not only do students have the advantage of being able to communicate with people living in different countries, but they also develop their memory, communication and social skills. We are a truly passionate faculty, who believe that students learn best when they are engaged and excited by their lessons, when they are given the opportunity to work things out for themselves and when their learning is purposeful and interesting. We aim to broaden the horizons of students and encourage them to become more compassionate and accepting of others by teaching them about the lives and cultures in French and Spanish speaking countries, something which the students have found inspiring.

At Thrybergh Academy we aim to nurture the learning of languages by starting our teaching very early on. Language teaching at Thrybergh Academy starts at Year 1 with Foljambe students benefitting from a weekly visit from Miss Adams which they are thoroughly enjoying. The corridors of Foljambe are filled with the sounds of chanting and singing on a Tuesday and Thursday!



Mr A. Wardley - Faculty Leader

Miss A. Wiggett - Teacher

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