English Faculty


Welcome to the English Faculty – how do you do?

We’re Misses Swain, Winkle, Corbett and Mrs Q…

The best-dressed Faculty, of that there’s no doubt!

Let us share with you what English is all about:

Quote analysis, creative writing and don’t forget SPAG,

“Go into more detail!” you will hear us nag.

We’ll improve your vocabulary and teach you to infer

Whilst building your confidence, year upon year.

Language, structure, writers’ purpose as well,

Evaluate critically – you’re opinions, do tell!

In English there’s no definite answer, wrong or right;

Just say what you think, your ideas you must write.

As teachers we’ll give you the skills that you need,English student

To go far in life, to be the best, to succeed.

We’ll pass some responsibility for this on to you –

Group work, peer assessment, you’ll know what to do:

Two stars and a wish; then amend in green pen,

“But Miss, I’ve checked it once.” “Well check it again!”

With a good grade in English, there’s nowhere you can’t go,

Set your sights way up high and we’ll help make it so…


Take a look at what we do in our Faculty

Useful Resources and Revision Tools


The revision books that could be of benefit to students are:

GCSE English Text Guide - An Inspector Calls
CPG Books ISBN: 978-1841461151

GCSE English Text Guide - Of Mice & Men
CPG Books ISBN: 978-1841461144

GCSE Anthology AQA Poetry Study Guide (Relationships cluster- higher paper)
CPG Books ISBN: 978-1847624888

GCSE English AQA Unseen Poetry Study and Exam Practice Book
CPG Books ISBN: 978-1847623256

All of these books are available directly from CPG Books, Amazon UK and Ebay.

Faculty Staff

Mrs R. Quartermaine - Faculty Leader

Miss R. Swain - Teacher

Mrs K. Corbett - Teacher (NQT)

Mrs L. Winkle - Teacher (NQT)

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