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Pupil Premium Action Plan 2015-2016

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Pupil Premium Spending Report 2016-2017

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At Thrybergh Academy and Foljambe Campus, we are dedicated to providing the best opportunities for all students, regardless of their background.

The progress of our Pupil Premium students is monitored rigorously and regularly. Through outstanding teaching in the classroom and extra whole school interventions, we ensure that all pupils are able to reach their full potential.

Wave 1 Interventions:
- All our teaching staff, ensure the delivery of personalised learning that meets the needs of each individual pupil.
- All teaching staff are fully aware of every Pupil Premium child in their classroom.
- The 'closing the gap' agenda is a high priority for all teaching staff and they regularly track and monitor the progress of the disadvantaged pupils in their classroom.
- Where underachievement is identified, teachers modify their practice and implement 'in class' intervention strategies in order to ensure rapid progress.
- The impact of the intervention strategies is analysed regularly and is improved where necessary.
- The 'closing the gap' agenda within every classroom is overseen by the Faculty or Phase Leader who quality assure the personalised learning that is taking place in the classroom.

Wave 2 Interventions:
- Faculty Leaders and Phase Leaders are fully responsible for the progress of Pupil Premium Students in their areas and if specific patterns of underachievement are identified, a Faculty/Phase action plan is put into place.
- This will include:
- Making improvements to the curriculum and its delivery, in order to ensure that all learners, despite their backgrounds, are catered for.
- Offering targeted booster sessions after school and at lunch times for groups of learners.
- Liaising with parents to ensure that the pupils are supported at home with their independent learning.
- Overstaffing in key areas to ensure smaller class sizes, allowing for improved personalisation of learning and more contact time with the teacher.

Wave 3 Interventions:
- The Assistant Headteacher in charge of Pupil Premium will monitor and analyse the progress of all students on a regular basis.
- Faculties/Phases will be challenged on their provision for the 'closing of the gap' agenda, as well as supported by the Assistant Headteacher in ensuring that interventions are successful.
- The Multi Agency Team is an initiative which brings together a large group of professionals responsible for the following provision:

  • Assistant Headteacher in charge of Group Progress
  • SENDCo
  • Head of SEN
  • EAL Coordinator
  • Heads of Year
  • Year Managers
  • School Counsellor and Careers Adviser
  • Headteacher
  • Lead Teacher for Inclusion
  • Head of Attendance
  • Child Protection Officer

- Pupils will be referred to the Multi Agency Team where concerns have been raised about their academic progress and/or wellbeing. A support plan will be put into place, drawing on the specialisms of the team, in order to secure an improved outcome for the child. These support plans will be shared with staff and will be reviewed on a half termly basis in terms of their impact.
- Nurture groups and 1:1 mentoring to improve the emotional well-being of our students.
- University trips to raise aspirations.
- An attendance officer who has a focus on improving attendance and punctuality of disadvantaged pupils.
- The development of a tracking system to monitor and evaluate wave 3 interventions.
- Pupil Premium students will have their fees for trips subsidised in order for them to access enrichment opportunities.


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