All parents have the right under law to express a preference for a particular school for their child. A Common Application Form will need to be completed whether you prefer your child to attend the catchment area school or an alternative.
The admission process is as follows:
  1. Apply online at or request a paper application form from the Admissions Team.
  2. Paper Common Application Forms must be returned to: Admissions Team, Children and Young People’s Services, Riverside House, Main Street, Rotherham, S60 1AE
  3. All applications must be submitted to the Admissions Team by the closing date of 15th January 2019.
  4. Places will be allocated based on your residential address on 15th January 2019. Therefore you must notify the Admissions Team in writing if you change address before this date. You may be asked to provide written proof of residence (e.g. utility/council tax bill). If you are asked to provide proof of your address and this is not received by the Admissions Team your original address will be used for allocation purposes.
  5. On 18th April 2019 you will be notified of which school we intend to offer your child a single school place. This will be by email if you applied online and selected this option, alternatively it will be made by letter to your home address.

Key points are:

  • A Common Application Form for all primary schools;
  • All applications for Rotherham residents should be returned to the Admissions Team including those for Academies.
  • Equal ranked preferences for all schools. This means that all applications for an individual school will be assessed according to the admissions criteria and no priority will be given according to the ranking. Therefore, if your catchment area school is named as your 3rd preference your child’s name will be higher up the list for that school than someone who falls into a lower category and who may have named the same school as a 1st or 2nd preference;
  • Places will be allocated based on your child’s residential address on 15th January 2019. Therefore you must notify the Admissions Team in writing if you change address before this date. You may be asked to provide written proof of residence (e.g. utility/council tax bill);
  • You can apply on-line at or you can request and complete a paper Common Application Form. The closing date for receipt of application is 15th January 2019;
  • Parents to receive a single offer of a school place;
  • All offers of a school place to be made by the home LA;
  • All offers of a school place to be sent to parents on the same day.

The admission arrangements follow a four-step process;

Step One:A parent expresses preferences for up to three primary schools and ranks their preferences in order.

Step Two: The appropriate admission authority will determine whether or not the child is eligible for admission to each school. If the governing body of a voluntary aided school, academy, a trust school or any other Local Authority (for schools outside this Authority) is responsible for admissions, they will determine who is eligible for a place and inform the Authority. 9

Step Three: A child could be eligible for admission to more than one school. For each school where the child is eligible for admission there is a potential offer of a place. The school at which a place will be offered will depend upon the order the schools are named on the Common Application Form.

Step Four: The parent of a child resident in Rotherham who has submitted an application by the closing date will receive a written offer of a school place from Rotherham Authority on 18th April 2019


Joining the Academy during the school year

Sometimes children join school when the term has started or later in their school life. We make every effort to make sure they are welcomed, looked after and monitored so that they quickly make friends and can find their way around the academy. Teachers give pupils time to settle in before making an assessment of their academic ability. The assessment, together with records from their previous school will enable your child to have the best start at our academy. Parents are asked to contact the academy if their child has a problem settling. 
For further information on transferring schools and to download transfer application forms please refer to the Rotherham Council website

Admission Contact Form

Once your child has a place at Thrybergh Academy Folambe campus you must complete an Admission Contact Form and return to Foljambe Reception before they start attending.

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