Sports Awards 2018

This year saw our 10th Annual Sports Awards Evening at the Secondary Campus. Over 230 people from our community attended a glamorous evening of entertainment celebrating the achievements of our amazing students.

Congratulations to everyone who received an invite. To have been chosen to attend you will have represented school in 2 sporting activities or have been nominated by your PE teachers for excellent effort or performance in lessons. We could have filled the hall twice over but unfortunately we can only accommodate so many.

Nearly 50 awards were handed out to students in Y7-11, all of who were worthy winners.

Thanks to all staff who came and supported the evening running the bar, organising the room and generally being a fantastic team.

Special mention goes to Josh Edwards who came back to support school by helping cook and creating the cold food.

Thank you also to the school band who entertained the audience at the beginning of the evening.



Y7 - Mr Morris Finlay 
Y8/9 Inter - Mr McHale Ewan 
Y10/11 Senior - Mr Rushton Joseph

Girls Football

Junior - Mr Morris Eva 
Senior - Mr Morris Devon


Y7 - Mr McHale: Anabelle 
Y8 - Miss Crowley: Holly 
Y9 - Miss Crowley: Kate 
KS4Senior - Miss Crowley: Jorja
Trampoline - Mr Rushton: Ellie
Journalist of the Year - Mr Rushton: Ellie 

Specialism Awards 

Dance - Miss Crowley: Amy

OAL - Mr Casely: Lucy

Performer of the Year - lessons

Y7 Boys: Tomas 
Y7 Girls: Hannah 
Y8 Boys: Tyler 
Y8 Girls: Ellie 
Y9 Boys: Jack 
Y9 Girls: Carly
Y10 Boys: Barney
Y10 Girls: Ekram 
Y11 Boys: Kian 
Y11 Girls: Tamzin

Effort / Most Improvedlessons

Y7 Boys Thomas
Y7 Girls Ellie 
Y8 Boys Harrison 
Y8 Girls Sienna 
Y9 Boys Luke 
Y9 Girls Ruby
Y10 Boys Harrison
Y10 Girls Cody 
Y11 Boys Brad 
Y11 Girls Tia

Junior Sports Leader - Mr Morris: George
Inter Sports Leader - Mr Morris: Tom 
Senior Sports Leader - Mr Morris: Abigail
Dedicated Services to PE - Miss Crowley: Mr Melvin Palmer and Mrs Lisa McCarthy

Summer Extra Curricular


Junior - Mr Mchale: Jessica
Senior - Mr Mchale: Holly


Y7 - Mr Rushton: Holly 
Y8 - Mr Rushton: Abigail
Y9 - Mr Rushton: Darcie


Female - Mrs Nickson: Nikita 
Male - Mrs Nickson: Harrison


Junior - Mr Morris: Declan 
Senior - Mr Morris: Morgan

Team Award - Mr Morris: Y7 Football

Sports Person Of the Year 

Sports Woman - Miss Crowley: Maddy
Sports Man - Miss Crowley: Dylan

Take a look af our full photo gallery of the worthy winners


Sports Awards 2018


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