At Thrybergh Academy there is a clear link between good attendance and educational achievement. Regular and punctual attendance is vital if students are to benefit fully from the academic, personal and social opportunities which are offered to them within the school.

We understand students become unwell from time to time but we would ask you to consider the necessity of keeping them at home for minor illnesses. If they are not in school they are not learning and skipping lessons will inevitably have an impact on their grades.

In line with the Government and Local Authority Guidelines, we expect all our students to maintain an attendance level of 95%, therefore if your son/daughter attends for at least 95% of one school year they will have had less than 10 days absence.

Attendance over one school year if your son or daughter had:

  • 98% attendance = less than 4 days absent from school

  • 95% attendance = less than 10 days absent from school

  • 90% attendance = less than 4 weeks absent from school

  • 85% attendance = 5 ½ weeks absent from school

  • 80% attendance = 7 ½ weeks absent from school

Remember, the greater the attendance the greater the achievement.

The academy rewards good attendance and punctuality, however should a problem occur that may keep your child from attending, it is important that good communication links are established with us.  This allows us to resolve any issues and ensure your child can return to their learning at the academy as soon as possible.

You can find more information by downloading our Attendance Policy or by contacting the Attendance Team who are always happy to answer any questions you have.

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