Thrybergh Academy is committed to rewarding all pupils that:

  • Apply maximum effort every day in all subjects.
  • Work hard to increase their attainment level.

Rewards are given as an incentive for pupils to continue to apply maximum effort and continue progressing to achieve their potential. The following rewards are available; pupils will either receive these within lessons or at the end of a half term.



Rewards will be given for attendance in the following categories;

  • Weekly class attendance award – Trophy
  • Yearly class trophy for highest % attendance over the year
  • Individual attendance
  • Meeting individual targets
  • 100% attendance in a half term
  • 100% attendance for a term
  • 100% attendance for the school year
  • Weekly draw to win a book for meeting school target
  • Attendance stars initiative
  • Weekly scooter draw for 10 children with 100% attendance for that week


Golden Rules

The golden rules will be displayed around school and children will be awarded golden stars (or stickers) for following the rules. The stars can be collected on an individual reward sheet (or class sheet for EYFS) and then this can be used to buy rewards from our D-Bay shop.

Our Golden Rules

1. We are helpful and act kindly.

2. We always tell the truth.

3. We do not hurt each other.

4. We work hard every day.

5. We care for, and look after, the school and our environment.

6. We listen well and don't interrupt.

7. We are polite and well mannered.

8. We always walk around school quietly & sensibly.


Pick in the Box

There will be a chance for children to have a 'pick in the box' awarded by the Principal for any nomination from staff when visiting each class.


Good Work Assemblies - Parents/Carers Invited

Every Friday at 2.30pm children will be chosen from each class to present their work in a 'good work assembly' presented by Vice Principal. They will be able to share their special achievements with parents and their peers who receive an invitiation to the event.


Golden Time

Every Friday children who have demonstrated good behaviour will be allowed to have Golden Time. This may be linked to special projects and enrichment activities.


Celebration Assemblies - Parents/Carers Invited

At the end of every half term, a Celebration Assembly will be held on the last Friday. Parents are invited to see who has been entered into the Golden Book for a 'special mention'. There will be awards for:

  • Star of the class
  • Best Home Learning
  • Always following the Golden Rules


Principal and Governor's Afternoon Tea - Parents/Carers Invited

A special invite will be sent out to children and their parents/carers to attend an afternoon tea. These children will be nominated by staff or parents for something extra-ordinary!

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